The answer is yes, but it may require a bit of an investment if you have repaired your concrete surface time and time again, and you’re sick and tired of doing it.

Concrete is tough stuff, but concrete does crack and crumble over time. Moisture and temperature extremes, like we experience in the Northeast, make their presence known through damage to our concrete floors, walks and structures.  You can make simple concrete repairs yourself, but it will require some knowledge, a few tools and a strong back. Concrete is heavy, and mixing it is hard work.

Loose paving bricks, concrete, sandstone, etc. can be successfully repaired, but it requires proper timing, attention to detail and some sweat. Although you may think that the warm dry weather is a good time to repair concrete, cool, damp and overcast weather is the best.  Concrete needs to have the proper chemical reaction to enable cement crystals to bond and this requires moisture.  If you mix up a patching compound batch and install it on a hot breezy day, the water may leave the mix before enough crystals have grown. The patch will be super weak and it will crumble. That is why you may have seen plastic tarps over newly poured cement and water being sprayed over it for a few days.

A good alternative to continuous cement repairs is a Duraroc rubber surface which can be installed directly on top of concrete.  Duraroc is a poured in place material, composed of various colored rubber pellets or crumbs. It is flexible so it has a tolerance for expanding and contracting, unlike hard surfaces.  It is a non-slip, mildew resistant, maintenance free, seamless application and can provide an esthetically beautiful option in your backyard.

Not only can you install it on top of concrete, it was specifically designed to do so.  The benefits of installing this type of surface, is that it is installed directly over concrete and all its cracks and expansion joints.  It is flexible so it has a tolerance for expanding and contracting.

Here are a few more benefits of Duraroc.  Firstly, the installation is considered a Capital Improvement, meaning, Duraroc meets the requirements as a Capital Improvement investment.

A Capital Improvement is any addition or alteration to real property that meets all three of the following conditions; 1) it substantially adds to the value of the real property, or appreciably prolongs the useful life of the real property, 2) it becomes part of the real property or is permanently affixed to the real property so that removal would cause material damage to the property or article itself, 3) it is intended to become a permanent installation.

Duraroc looks terrific on patios and pool side.  Unlike concrete, it is a beautiful, decorative and durable surface.  It is comfortable to walk on because of its anti-fatigue qualities, and cooler to the touch under direct sun light than cement.  It is child friendly, and it’s cushion like quality helps prevent injuries.  It is a non-slip surface so those pool party mishaps are less likely to happen.

It can be installed on stairs.  As stated previously, it is a non-slip surface, so even in the rain, the entire family, at any age, can feel safe walking up and down.  Another great use for Duraroc is for special needs ramps and walkways.  There is no sliding, nor slipping when assisting a wheel chair bound person or those who need a little assistance.

Duraroc comes in many colors and can be designed to your specifications. Borders and trim in an accent color can enhance any area. Contrasting colors can also be used for a monogram or lettering, or can be used in a commercial application to provide an area for a logo.  Duraroc can be custom designed to your liking and is a great alternate to hard surfaces.

Duraroc can be used in other interior or exterior applications like a children’s play area in a preschool, a gym, locker room, bathroom and shower area, or a garage.

An added bonus of Duraroc is that insects and bugs do not like it. They cannot eat it and it is not suitable for infestation.  To extend the life of your Duraroc surface, a sealer coat can be applied every 3 to 5 years so that the product continues to be aesthetically beautiful for years.  Most importantly, Duraroc will not crack or crumble over the years when properly maintained and is not affected by weather.

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