Closets and storage rooms can be the most lackluster areas of your home. When you don’t have enough of either, clutter can make these spaces even worse. With a little effort, and some organization and updating, these areas can provide great function and style.

If it’s your closet that tests your patience, try some of these personal touches to make your experience, when opening and closing your closet door, more calming and less stressful.

Color code your closet – When your closet is in disarray, finding something to wear becomes difficult.  Consider grouping your garments by style; shirts, pants, dresses, suits, and so on. Then hang like colors next to each other. Maintaining a streamlined color palate will not only be pleasing to your eyes, it will provide an easier way to select your wardrobe.

Add a trendy light fixture – a lighting fixture will not only add a special decorative touch to your closet, it can also provide function.  How many times have you had to pull garments out of your closet to see if two pieces match? Or how many times have you tried to match a black shirt with black pants, but can’t seem to find two blacks that match each other. There can never be too much light in a closet. Adding a fixture that provides adequate lighting can provide both function and style.

Hang your clothes with care –invest in high quality velvet hangers.  Switch out your wooden, wire or plastic hangers with these slimmer hangers to create more space.  The fabric that coats the hangers will grab hold of your clothes to prevent your garments from stretching, while providing a uniform appearance that will make your closet look organized.

Use colorful fabric drawers – colorful or patterned fabric drawers can provide a place for small personal items, like ties, belts, scarves and costume jewelry.  Place these drawers on top of shelves to add both function and style to your closet.

Get creative with unused wall space – create a vision board in your closet.  Use a simple cork board to place photos of your favorite outfits.  You can also use the space for inspiration, or pin up clips from magazines of new styles that you would like to try.  Or, use the wall space for decorative hooks to hang a special purse or hat.

Use storage space on your floor – purchase low profile plastic containers and use them for purses, shoes or big sweaters that you don’t use often.  This extra space on the bottom of your closet, if organized wisely, can provide you with lots of extra storage.

If you are looking to make a real change in your closet, consider a closet system.  These organizational shelving and hanging units maximize your closet space, as well as provide function and style.

here is no limit to the creative ways you can maximize every closet in your home, on a budget that you are comfortable with.  Even if you don’t have a closet, custom closet furniture can be created with no construction or need to hire a contractor.

Closet systems can be professionally installed, or for those that are handy, can be self-installed.  With every closet installation though, it is important to properly anchor the closet system to support the weight of the shelving and the contents that will be placed inside.

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