In today’s fast paced world it is difficult to find time to take a break for lunch, let alone design, coordinate and select the right home furnishings, textiles and colors for your home. Although searching for a trendy wall color, an interesting piece of furniture, or a fun accent piece has become easier through the use of websites like Pinterest, Houzz and Overstock, it doesn’t mean that something that looks good on your computer will be the right fit for your home.

Conceptually, decorating and designing your home should be easy, fun and possibly, a great family project. However, once you actually begin the process, you may find that it is more work than you thought.  With so many style options, shades of color, and fabric choices, a one off miss can be the difference between you loving what you’ve done, and hating it.

In today’s design world, decorating a living room does not mean finding a matching sofa, love seat and chair, painting the walls with a neutral color and placing a coffee table in the middle of the room. It is about making efficient use of your space, finding unique and interesting ways to express your style, and then, making it all come together.  Seems easy? Well it really isn’t, and it is the reason that interior designers and decorators have made a profession out of it.

There are many good reasons to consider hiring a decorator; if your time is limited and you’ve been putting off decorating your home for a while; if you are overwhelmed by the number of choices available; if you need help with space planning, lighting design, room layouts and furniture placement; if you haven’t found the right fabrics, flooring and furniture to fit your needs; or if you are tired of buying things online and having to pay to return it.

Decorating your home requires a carefully thought out plan, and access to manufacturers and designers that are not available in department stores. When you shop at retail furniture and home furnishing stores, you see what they want you to see. That means they are showing the items they make the most money on.

Professionally decorating your home does not necessarily mean you will have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to do it, unless you want to. Identifying the right type of furniture, colors, fabrics, textures and artwork just requires patience, and the right resources. Understand that when decorating your home it requires a balance between what you want your home to look like and how you want to feel when you are in it, and a budget you are comfortable with.

Interior decorators have access to furniture, lighting fixtures, accent pieces, and artwork that are not available to consumers. Furthermore, they have relationships with specialty contractors that offer detailed woodwork and mouldings, custom fireplaces, trayed ceilings, unique lighting, built ins, faux finishes and murals.

When hiring an interior decorator, it is important for them to understand how you use the room(s) you are decorating. How much activity takes place in the room? Do children or pets use the room? Does it get a lot of sunlight or no sunlight? And what is your design aesthetic?

When considering an interior decorator, interview a few before making your choice. Ask them how they charge for their services, as some may charge hourly or some may build their costs into the price of the furniture, wall or window coverings, or the cost of the subcontractors that may be used on your job. Ask for samples or photos of their previous work, and ask for references.

Remember, if you are hiring an interior decorator, you are hiring them to provide you with a unique look. They should be inspired by something you’ve seen, not replicate it.

Don’t skimp on a professional assessment. When you are shopping for an interior decorator make sure you get a comprehensive consultation. Most experienced and reputable decorators charge for their services. Your home is your sanctuary, and the place where you nurture your lifestyle and family. A professional will be able to let you know what works and what doesn’t, and how they can improve your home’s functionality.

In most cases, when you hire a decorator, you will save money. Paying department store prices, ordering furniture that is the wrong size, color, or fabric, and the waste of your time, all contribute to the value of hiring a professional. Typically decorators have already experienced these mistakes, and will try to avoid them happening in your home. And if they have made the mistake, it is their mistake, not yours.

Interior decorators offer a unique perspective to your home decor. They look at your home as a blank canvas, and take into account the lines and curves of the room. They take into consideration how the outdoors plays a role in properly decorating the inside of your home, including the amount of sunlight that naturally enters the room, and the amount of color that the windows allow to come through. In many cases, decorators use some of your existing furniture or accent pieces and re-purpose them.

A well appointed home serves many purposes. It offers the enjoyment of entertaining family, friends and business associates with confidence. A decorated home’s perceived value increases, as the interior finishings offer a polished look, one that potential buyers can see themselves enjoying.

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