If you’re thinking of putting a few dollars into sprucing up your home this year, spring is the perfect season to get some projects done. Before long the weather will be conducive to opening your windows, letting the sunshine in and welcoming all the beautiful colors of the season.

If budget is a concern, why not consider painting or decorating a room, making a minor house repair that you haven’t had the chance to get to or planting some decorative flowers in the front of your home. There are some worthwhile projects that you can do to make your house feel more like a home, with a small investment of time and money.

Don’t think that you need hours or days for your projects. Simple projects like fastening a loose handle, cleaning up scattered paperwork, or even going through a medicine cabinet to discard unused items can have a big impact on how you feel about your home.

If time is an issue, start with projects that require only a small amount of time, energy and resources to effect change. This will make you feel better about your surroundings. At first, consider setting aside a half hour a week to take on projects that you can do on your own. Perhaps you can start with cleaning out a closet, your desk drawer or organizing your kitchen cabinets. This will provide instant gratification and will motivate you to do more. Besides, isn’t it time you threw out cans of foods or flour that expired in 2014?

If you are lucky enough to have a block of a few hours to spend on your home, consider taking on a yard project or painting a room in your house. The key is to prepare yourself ahead of time, and purchase all the materials you will need. This way when you are ready to start the project you will have everything at your fingertips, and will not be discouraged.

Organizing your home can be very uplifting. Start with sifting through unused items that have been in corners or under beds for years. The rule of thumb is, if you haven’t used something in a year, chances are you will never use it, so why not get rid of it? By clearing and cleaning up the space around you, it will inspire you to do more.

Once you have tidied up your home, start with small projects that can make an impact on how your home functions and appears. Identify the major issues that need to be addressed and prioritize them. Setting goals and budgets are a good way to get things done over time. It may not be an instant fix, but in a couple of years you can look back and see what you’ve accomplished.

Consider a little spruce up of your living room by making your coffee table the center of attention. Many of us tend to tuck away our books on a shelf or place serving platters in a closet. A pile of artsy hardcover books on a coffee table, or a beautiful glass serving piece can add character to the room. The best part about decorating your coffee table is that items can be changed out often, with little to no effort.

You may even want to go to your local home goods store and find interesting ceramics, bowls, or lanterns to adorn your coffee table. Or perhaps place a vase with fresh flowers. This can provide a pop of color to a muted room, and provide the opportunity to express your unique sense of style. Websites like Houzz and Pinterest offer thousands of images that reflect current decorating trends. Use these sites for inspiration.

You may choose to add or rearrange some pillows on your couch or even in your bedroom. Adding some mismatched or contrasting colors to a room can bring a new dimension.  A tired sofa can be revived, and a neglected armchair can be brought back into use. Consider adding a beautiful throw or blanket to finish off the look. The great part about experimenting with decorative add-ons is that they aren’t permanent.

Carry that theme over to your kitchen by hanging colorful kitchen towels. They can easily be changed out to reflect the change of seasons, or a special holiday. Consider hanging decorative towels on a wall with a hook to add some color to the walls, or over an oven or dishwasher handle to give some color to your appliances.

Keep shelves clean and use them to display some of your beautiful and interesting artful objects, as opposed to just stuffing your shelves with things that should be thrown out or donated. This will provide a sense of space in your room. You may even want to consider using a standalone bookshelf to display your art, and painting it a bright color to add to its character. This will impact the look of your room, and showcase those special items you place on the shelves.

Consider framing your children’s artwork and hanging it on a bare or dull wall, or perhaps up your staircase along with some photos of the family. It will surely make your family feel special and will provide inexpensive art that you will cherish for years to come.

One of the biggest challenges of a home is keeping the kitchen or dining room table clear of papers, books and mail. Keeping your table clear of those items, and perhaps decorating it with a vase, decorative art piece or some rustic inspired kitchen decorations can provide a more clean and artsy feel to a dining area. For an added dimension, leave your dining room table set, as if guests were just about to arrive. This can provide you the opportunity to show your beautiful china instead of keeping it hidden away in a closet.

For some more complex projects, which may require a larger budget and more of your time, you can make some significant changes like painting your home, replacing your flooring or carpeting, your window treatments or even changing out your bathroom vanity. Projects like these add a decorative measure, as well as value.

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