Summer is not only a break from school, it is an opportunity to find a summer job to earn some extra money. Summer jobs enable teens to learn about the value of a dollar and assert their independence. A summer job is also beneficial as it provides teens an opportunity to get some practical experience for the future.

If you are a good swimmer and love to be around water, perhaps lifeguarding is just the job for you. A lifeguard position provides the opportunity to be outdoors, to work outside the confines of an office environment and allows for flexible hours. Although this seems like a piece of cake, know that this job comes with a lot of responsibility, training and the requirement to be certified.

To be a lifeguard, you need to be trained in CPR, AED, Basic First Aid and Lifesaving skills and need to complete a Certification course at one of the training facilities on Staten Island.

Lifeguarding is not only about watching over a bunch of people in a pool. Lifeguarding requires being part of a team, while offering many opportunities to learn other new skills. Being charged with “people safety” is no light matter. A lifeguard must be responsible, alert and assertive when they see people in distress or displaying unsafe behavior.

A lifeguard is required to interact with a lot with people – even if they are not comfortable doing so. Effective communication skills will be learned as a lifeguard interacts with patrons – it then becomes an easier task. Each lifeguard may be different in their approach, but in the end, they need to make sure that their communication is firm enough to be enforceable. It is no wonder that a lifeguard position will build personal communication skills and etiquette.

Lifeguards often work together as part of a team. Whether it is at a community pool or at a beach, the art of teamwork will certainly be developed. Not only does teamwork require good communication skills, it also requires an understanding of what each team member is responsible for during their shift. Sometimes, a lifeguard will need assistance to perform a rescue, depending on the circumstances.

When seeking a job in the future, a resume that includes a summer job that requires training for a certification is an indication that a candidate is a hardworking, conscientious individual that shows initiative. Being a lifeguard gives you skills that other professionals and hiring managers like to see in potential employees. Teamwork, self-confidence, communication and leadership are all vital skills that are often not learned in school – they are learned through life experience.

There is no question that lifeguarding can be one of the best summer jobs available to High School and college students. If you know of any student age of 15 and over, that enjoys the outdoors and are looking to do something constructive this summer, contact us. Lifeguard training classes begin soon. Apply online at 

Stuart Roaker, President The Pool Therapist

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