If you were born before the 80’s, you probably grew up in a home with wall to wall carpeting.  For the most part, every home had carpet, even if there were beautiful hardwood floors underneath.

Have you ever wondered why carpets went out of style? Was it just that the carpet industry couldn’t keep up with the evolution of modern design? Or were the stains and odors, and the fact that carpet was a breeding ground for dust mites and other allergens what banished wall to wall carpet from most home renovations and new construction projects?

Newer research has shown that carpets trap and immobilize allergenic particles, and prevent them from being breathed in. On the contrary, hardwood allows for airborne particles to settle on the surface, where they are constantly being stirred up by movement on the floor.

As new homes were built in the 90’s hardwood and tile became the flooring of choice for almost every room in the house. These surfaces offered durability and low maintenance, assuming normal wear and tear, and were available in a variety of styles, designs and finishes. In general, hardwood floors offered versatility, a modern design and a clean, sleek look.

The downside to hard surfaces is that noises more easily echo through the house and between floors, and unless your floors are heated, do not offer any insulation.  Hardwood floors at some point also need to be refinished, which can be a major project and inconvenience because of the nature of the refinishing process.

Flooring is the foundation of your home decor, so adding your personal touch enhances the overall comfort and style of your home.  If your hardwood floor is in good shape, consider placing an area rug to add design, flair and color to your room.  Area rugs create the foundation for a room, and can be used as inspiration for paint colors, fabrics and accent pieces. You can also add a runner to your hallway or staircase to bring in color and provide a slip resistant surface.

If your floors are in bad shape, or need to be refinished, consider wall to wall carpet instead. Trendy and stylish carpeting IS making a comeback thanks to the latest manufacturing technologies and creative designs. Carpet manufacturers offer natural fiber products with stain inhibitors, making carpet echo friendly, soft to the touch and easy to clean.

Carpets are warmer than hardwood floors and can help keep heat inside your home during the winter. Carpeting provides insulation that can help reduce your energy cost.  Even the thinnest rug can help insulate your home. Carpeted rooms absorb noise much better than hard surface floors. Even an area rug or runner can soften the noise in a home with hardwood floors.

Sleek and minimal does not seem to hold the same appeal it once did. Perhaps that is the reason carpet, and even wallpaper, are making a comeback. Designers are ditching sleek and bringing back patterns and personality.

Carpet’s most alluring property is that it brings warmth and softness to a room. The cushioning quality makes it an ideal choice for homes with small children and the elderly.  Standing or sitting for long periods of time on hard surfaces is uncomfortable, and could lead to back and leg pain. Walking on a carpet can lessen the stress caused to your back and legs.

Carpet is diverse and can be used in many different ways, although it may not last as long as their hard surface counterparts.  The upside is that it provides an opportunity to redecorate again in 15 to 20 years when your carpet shows signs of wear. Remember, the cost of carpet is typically less expensive than hardwood, so replacing it is not that difficult to do.

Routine cleaning is easier with carpet. Just use your vacuum and you can walk on the floor immediately.  Cleaning hardwood floors is more time consuming and requires a three-step process before use – sweep, mop and then wait for the floor to dry.

With hundreds of patterns, cuts, colors and fiber choices carpet can be the key to designing your next home remodeling project. Carpet can save you money, energy and provide a psychological feeling of warmth. It avoids slip and fall accidents and can absorb sound to limit the echo that runs through your home.

Famous designers are using carpet in their current projects and are even working with carpet manufacturers to create their own branded designs. Speak with an interior decorator or designer when planning your next decorating or remodeling project to see if carpet is the right choice for your home.

Sonny Golden, President – Golden Key Interiors

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