If your bathroom is ready for a makeover but your budget doesn’t allow for a complete renovation, there are some cost-effective projects that can bring style and function to your bathroom without a total overhaul. Many people think you have to spend thousands of dollars to renovate your bathroom, but that is not the case. With some smart decisions and a helping hand, an affordable transformation is just a few days away.

Half the battle of making your bathroom more inviting, is making sure it looks neat and organized, smells good and doesn’t have mold growing around all the crevices. Always start with a thorough deep cleaning to start off your project on the right foot. If your budget is limited to a couple of hundred dollars consider adding a small stylish cart, storage cabinet or medicine cabinet to store your toiletries, medications and towels neatly. A tidier bathroom can be just the right change and inspire you to get organized and create a better self-care routine.

If a bigger investment is warranted, and you are planning to upgrade an older vanity, lighting or an inefficient toilet, here are some simple and affordable ideas to provide you with the best bang for your buck.

Brighten up the room – remove old, dark wallpaper, or update the paint color. Consider using bright colors, or even whites to lighten the atmosphere in the room. Then, consider adding some bold accessories to liven up the room. Exchange your old shower curtain with a new colorful one or install glass shower doors for a modern look. If your toilet is in good shape, replace the toilet seat or flush handle for a quick update. Add a matching towel bar and toilet paper holder to provide a new bathroom feel.

Take the modern approach – updating your bathroom with a LED light fixture can provide you with energy savings, as well as a new sleek look. Use a dimmer switch, with a dimmable bulb to add a romantic feel to your bathroom. Add a dramatic mirror, or glass and chrome accent shelves to finish off the look.

Add decorative wall treatments – wainscoting or decorative paneling on part of the walls, or textured painting can provide a custom look for your bathroom. Use wood trim to accent mirrors, fixtures, or windows to provide a warm, natural feeling.

Re-do your vanity – the vanity can very well be the biggest expense when it comes to a bathroom renovation. If your counter top is in relatively good condition, and the cabinets are not warped or broken, consider refinishing it. A little sanding, some paint and new hardware can provide your bathroom with a completely different look, and will provide you with the least expensive option.

Update your storage – purchasing new and improved under cabinet storage bins, can provide you with a place for everything you need. Add pullout shelves that provide access to the back of your cabinets. This will provide the maximum use of your space, while allowing you to see everything that you shoved underneath. Use small acrylic or valet trays, or pouches to organize small items or cosmetics. This will keep the clutter off your counter tops.

Use a simple bracket and shelf system to add floating shelves on the walls. This will provide space for decorative displays or to place hand towels, or small baskets for storage. The results will provide a stylish and functional space for all your bathroom needs.

Make some simple changes – remove any items from the bathroom that have not been used in a while. Added clutter can make your bathroom appear smaller. Replace an old bathroom mat or rug with a new one, or add a painting or picture on the wall. A few simple inexpensive purchases can make all the difference.

Consider re-caulking around your tub or shower where it has faded or been torn away. Deep clean the grout around your tiles. Dirty, faded or chipped grout can easily be fixed by re-grouting the tile with the same, or different color. However, this may require the assistance of a professional.

Replace your counter top – vanities will often remain in good shape, but a damaged counter top can adversely affect the way your bathroom appears. For an affordable option, consider a marble or granite remnant for a luxurious look that costs less.

Add some vintage charm – flea markets, salvage yards, antique auctions, and internet sites are great suppliers of vintage tubs, sinks, counter tops, flooring, benches and accent pieces. If you are looking for a complete bathroom renovation, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg for the materials.

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom to include the replacement of toilets, faucets, and shower heads, enlist the services of a professional. A bathroom renovation may require a professional tile installation company, a licensed plumber, and possibly a licensed electrician. In some cases, and if you plan to rework the location of your fixtures, you may need to consult with an architect and file your project with the NYC Department of Buildings.

As with any home renovation where a contractor is utilized, it is important to make sure you hire a licensed and insured, reputable contractor that provides you with good references.

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