You can never have enough storage or closet space in your home.  And, when you don’t have enough of either, clutter can take over. There are many solutions to organizing your home and finding a place for every toy, gadget and bulk grocery item you purchase. However, creating a storage system in your garage may be the best solution.

Some find their garage to be a minefield; navigating bicycles, boxes, skateboards, old household appliances, old paint cans, tools and just plain junk all in an effort to avoid injury.  How many times have you opened the door, or passed through the garage saying you’re going to get to it “someday?”

Garages rank high, along with the basement, for spaces where you tend to dump things that you don’t know what to do with. However, if you need to utilize those spaces, especially during the winter for outdoor furniture storage or for your car, that space becomes prime real estate.

You can’t ignore your messy garage forever and now with the cooler weather upon us, what better time is there to clean and organize it.

Identifying a good storage system can be just what the doctor ordered. A garage storage system can transform your untidy garage into an organized, efficient and enjoyable space.  Whether you choose simple cabinet storage units, a workbench area for tools or gardening or a full blown out system, every inch of added storage area is worth the investment. Having a workspace that is secure, out of the way of children and provides easy access to hand and power tools can make difficult tasks more enjoyable.

Movable storage racks, baskets and hooks can be installed on slat walls to allow for interchangeable storage solutions. These walls can be combined with storage benches where hats, backpack and shoes can be stored, and cabinets and shelving systems that are elevated off the floor to store your bulk grocery items. Plastic bins placed on shelving can be used to store family heirlooms and seasonal clothing, keeping them safe from rodents and bugs. These cabinets can be installed with swing-out or sliding doors, if space is tight when cars are parked.

Most garage systems come in a variety of colors and textures to fit your décor style.  Not many people think of their garage as another room in their house, however, if you spend the time to set it up right, it can be an enjoyable space to work in and make use of.

Keeping your garage neat and organized does not only require you to purchase a garage system.  It requires you to take the time to weed out the things that you never use.  A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used something for two years, going through two of each season, chances are you will not use it again. Donate it, throw it out or try to sell it if it’s in good working condition.

A good place to start is with unloading everything first. It might be helpful to lay a few tarps on the ground first; first to protect the things you are taking out of the garage and, 2) to allot yourself a specific number of things you are willing to keep. This will force you to keep a smaller number of items—keep only what you can fit in a given area.

If you are getting rid of paint, paint thinner, used motor oil or household chemicals, be sure to dispose of them properly.

While your initial garage organizing effort may not be the most fun thing you’ve done all year, you’ll be glad you tackled the clutter and created an organized space.  Rather than spending precious time searching for things that are just thrown into the garage, you’ll be able to easily find them and spend time on things that are more important.

There is no limit to the creative ways you can maximize your garage, basement and for that matter, every closet in your home, no matter what your budget.  Even if you don’t have a closet, custom closet furniture can be created without major construction or the need to hire a contractor.

Closet systems can be professionally installed, or for those that are handy, can be self-installed.  With every closet installation though, it is important to properly anchor the closet system to support the weight of the shelving and the contents that will be placed inside.

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