One of the biggest decisions homeowners face when contemplating moving is whether to list their home before buying another. This strategic move can have significant implications for your finances, timeline, and overall stress levels during the transition. In this Ask-the-Expert article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of selling your Staten Island home before purchasing a new one, helping you make an informed decision about your next move.

Expert Opinion

To shed light on this critical decision, we turned to Christine DeHart, of Salmon Real Estate. A local real estate expert with over 30 years of experience, Christine explains that the decision isn’t one-size-fits-all. Instead, it depends on various factors unique to your situation.

Pros of Selling Before Buying

Financial Clarity: Selling your current home first provides you with a clear idea of how much money you’ll have available for your next purchase. This financial transparency can help you set a realistic budget for your new home.

Negotiating Power: A seller without contingencies can be advantageous in a competitive market. You’re more likely to secure a favorable deal on your new home when you don’t have to wait for your old one to sell.

Reduced Stress: Without the pressure of a pending home sale, you can take your time in the home-buying process. This can make it less stressful and allow you to explore all your options.

Cons of Selling Before You Buy

Temporary Housing: If your home sells quickly and you haven’t yet found your next one, you may need temporary housing, which can be expensive and inconvenient.

Market Timing: The real estate market can fluctuate, and if you sell during a seller’s market and buy during a buyer’s market, you may miss out on potential financial gains.

Limited Inventory: In a competitive market, you might find it challenging to secure your dream home when you’re not yet a bona fide buyer. You might have to settle for less-than-ideal options.

Pros of Buying Before Selling

No Rush: You can take your time to find your dream home without the stress of needing to sell your current one quickly.

Smooth Transition: Once you’ve found your new home, you can move in conveniently, making the transition smoother and less chaotic.

Avoid Temporary Housing: You won’t need temporary housing, saving you time and money.

Cons of Buying Before You Sell

Financial Uncertainty: You might end up owning two homes and carrying two mortgages if your current home doesn’t sell as quickly as anticipated.

Negotiating Challenges: Sellers might be less willing to negotiate on price or terms if they know you’re in a hurry to sell your existing home.

Timing Risks: The timing of both buying and selling must align seamlessly, which can be challenging to coordinate.

DeHart emphasizes that the decision ultimately depends on your specific circumstances and risk tolerance. She suggests consulting with a local real estate agent who can provide insights into the current market conditions. Your local real estate expert can help guide you based on your needs and goals.


Deciding whether to list your house before buying the next one is a significant decision. Consider your financial situation, the local market conditions, and your personal preferences when making this choice. Seek guidance from a trusted real estate professional like Christine DeHart of Salmon Real Estate to ensure you make the right decision for your unique circumstances. By carefully weighing the pros and cons, you’ll be better prepared to navigate the exciting yet challenging process of buying and selling real estate in Staten Island.

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