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Whether you have outlets that aren’t working, are installing new lighting, are putting an addition on your home, have a new construction project, or any other project requiring expertise in electrical work, there will come a time when you need an electrician in Staten Island.

When that time comes, it’s important to choose wisely and choose LOCAL.

Electricians in Staten Island provide a wide array of services, from wiring and installation to repairs, and in some cases even appliance repairs. They are an essential ingredient in major home improvements projects, additions to home or office, and new construction.

 Why You Need to Hire A Licensed Electrician

When is it time to call an electrician? In many cases it will be obvious. A light fixture won’t work, an  outlet won’t work or a plug will be loose, or you may need an electrician if you are renovating your office or your home that requires electrical work. Other times it may not be as obvious, such as when upgrading or moving your appliances.

Some common times when you might need an electrician include:

During New Construction– Whether for home or office, a Staten Island electrician’s role is ensuring you have a safe, functional and properly wired structure

Additions / Home Renovations– Major home improvements often require electrical work, especially if you are putting an addition on your home. With most renovations, a licensed electrician is required.

Upgraded Appliances– In some cases, when upgrading your appliances or doing a major kitchen remodel, you’ll need dedicated electrical circuits for those appliances. This may require other electrical upgrades best handled by a professional.

Appliance Repair– Have an appliance that still has some life in it, it just needs an electrical repair? An electrician in Staten Island may be what you need. Not all electricians offer these services, but many do. Call and ask!

How To Choose The Right Staten Island Electrician

Choosing the right electrical contractor for your home improvement job isn’t always easy. There are dozens to choose from, and everyone knows not all contractors are created alike.

You can make an informed choice and have peace of mind knowing you’re getting a reputable Staten Island electrical contractor by following these tips:

Get Recommendations– Online reviews are great and can be very helpful – always do your homework – but recommendations are often the most effective way to zero in on an electrical contractor who can provide the work you need. Ask friends and co-workers who they’ve used. Their answers will steer you towards the right person for the job – and away from the wrong person!

Do Phone Interviews– It’s okay to ask questions. In fact, it’s vital. Spend a few minutes on the phone with the electrical company you’re considering hiring before you start talking contracts. You want to be comfortable with anyone you hire and make sure there is effective communication.

Ask Key Questions– Have they done electrical projects like yours? What problems did they encounter and how did they solve them? Do they have similar clients they can refer you to? How will they deal with delays on the project or unexpected problems? Just a few key questions can make all the difference when deciding who to hire!

Meet Them– If someone is going to be working in your home and office, you’ll want to have a sense for who they are. Your comfort level matters, so consider meeting someone in person first before hiring them. It’s important for contractor and client alike to be compatible!

Get It In Writing– Handshake agreements are fine for those who have worked together many times before, but business is business. When hiring a Staten Island electrical contractor, get your agreement in writing before committing to work and before any money changes hands.

The truth is that hiring electrical contractors are not nearly as difficult as some people say, the trick is do your homework before making a decision. Business is business, after all. You and your contractor will BOTH be thankful for it!

5 Tips For Electrical Maintenance and Appliances

We can all play a role in keeping our home more energy efficient and keeping your appliances and electrical system up and running. Here are some tips to keep in mind to avoid problems or to address them before they get serious:

Look for the Energy Star Label– Modern energy efficient appliances are not just good for going green. They can help lower your energy bills more than you realize.

Noise / Heat / Smoke– If you notice unusual noise, excessive heat, and ESPECIALLY smoke from an appliance, outlet, or anything else related to the electric in your home, flip the breaker to the off position and call an electrician right away. Electrical problems can be a major safety hazard!

Know Your DIY Limits– Staten Islanders are tough, self-sufficient people, so you might be tempted to do the work yourself. That’s good, just know your DIY limits. A botched electrical job can be many times more costly to fix than just hiring a Staten Island Electrician in the first place.

Low Voltage is Still Dangerous– If you must do electric work on your own – and we don’t recommend it – just remember that low voltage is still dangerous voltage. If you’re unsure, call a licensed electrician on Staten Island instead.


The hunt for a great licensed Staten Island electrician can seem daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. The Home Improvement Contractors of Staten Island are a fantastic source for reputable, hard-working Staten Island electricians who can deliver the work you need at a price you can afford.

And that’s the kind of peace of mind we can all use.