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From having better security at your place of business to giving your yard a sweeping makeover, a fence contractor in Staten Island can play a major role in making your property look better and feel more secure.

Fences come in all shapes and sizes, and can suit a wide array of needs. Some are purely decorative, meant to accent a garden or yard or complement the house. Others are meant to be more secure, keeping people off your property or away from sensitive areas of your place of business. Still others are intended to be a play a dual role, enhancing security and peace of mind while also looking great. No matter what your needs are, a fence company in Staten Island is just what the doctor ordered.

Why You Need New Fencing Installed

From new construction to improving an existing piece of property, there are a number of reasons why you might need a Staten Island fence contractor. Here are just a few of them:

  • New Construction– If you are building a home or place of business, do it right and have your fencing installed as part of your initial build. Better now than after construction is complete and you’ve moved in.

  • Replace Old Fencing– Even the best fencing will wear down over time. Eventually, it will be time to replace it.

  • Repairing Existing Fencing – Life throws many curveballs and even the best structured fence sometimes needs repairs. Whether damaged by the weather or by man, a fence repair can restore the integrity.

  • Renovating Your Yard– From adding pools and patios to outdoor kitchens and more, a yard renovation just isn’t complete until you add new fencing.

  • Enhance Security at Your Business– They say good fences make good neighbors. A fence won’t stop a determined thief, but it’s an excellent deterrent for the lazy criminal – and most of them are!

  • Maximize Your Privacy– Remember what we said about neighbors? A privacy fence for your home or business can help shut out others from your property.

How to Find the Right Staten Island Fence Company

Finding the most reputable fence contractor in Staten Island might seem like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s a deeply competitive field, and as you already know, not all fence installers are created alike.

Working with the best fence contractor for the job begins with making an informed decision right from the start. That’s not as difficult as it sounds. You can do it by trying out these tips:

  • Get Recommendations From People You Know– Word of mouth is powerful, especially when it comes from someone you know and trust. Before calling that Staten Island fence company, ask family, friends and colleagues for recommendations. That will be the first step in pointing you in the right direction.

  • Check Online Reviews – Online reviews are not always accurate – just one angry customer does not reflect on years of good work – but they are at least a good source to spot overall trends, so read them.

  • Ask Questions– When you finally make a call, remember that it’s okay to ask questions. A good fencing contractor will be happy to answer them for you, because an informed customer is a good customer.

  • Look at the Site Together– Depending on your case, it may be helpful to look at the site together. This will allow your contractor to spot any potential problems or unexpected hurdles in the installation job, such as nearby trees that may have difficult roots to deal with, underground utilities, and other issues they can’t spot over the phone.

  • Check for Licenses and Insurance– a qualified fence contractor in Staten Island should be licensed by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs and have a General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance policy.  These qualifications are designed to protect property owners from faulty work and jobsite incidents.

  • Get It In Writing– A great rule of thumb when working out an arrangement with a contractor is to get it in writing! A reputable contractor will always be happy to work with you in this regard.

 Finding a great fence company in Staten Island can be easier than you realize. Just be sure to do your homework so that you are informed before you make a decision. These tips should help!

Common Fencing Problems to Look For

Property owners know that sinking feeling you get when you realize you’re going to need to hire a contractor and get some repairs done. If you spot any of the following, it may be time to call a fence company in Staten Island:

  • Leaning Fence Posts– If portions of your fence are starting to lean, that’s usually not a good sign. In some cases this is a problem that can be repaired, but it really depends on what’s causing the problem. Issues with erosion can sometimes be addressed. Rotting posts, however, must be replaced.

  • Rot and Damage– Once rot has set into wooden fencing, its lifespan is limited. In some cases, damage to vinyl fencing can be repaired, however it sometimes requires replacement.

  • Missing Boards/Planks– Whether from weather, wildlife, kids in the neighborhood or other issues, missing sections of fence impact both the aesthetics of your property and your privacy. Get them fixed!

  • Fence Not On Property Line– Sometimes outdated paperwork can result in the minor nightmare of discovering that your fence is not where it’s supposed to be. If you need to have it moved, a Staten Island fence contractor is what you need!

A Great Fence Installer is a Phone Call Away

The hunt for an experienced fence contractor in Staten Island is far easier than you realize, especially now that you’ve found the Home Improvement Contractors of Staten Island. Consider us your local source for reputable, hard-working fence companies serving the region and you’ll be well on your way to beautifying your home, upgrading that ugly old fence, improving security at your place of business, and much more. All it takes is a phone call to the contractor of your choice and you’ll be well on your way!