Staten Island Fireplace Contracting

Find An Experienced Fireplace Contractor

There are few things that make a home cozier and more welcoming than a fireplace, especially during those cold Staten Island winters. A fireplace can make your home more desirable and increase its value, but most importantly for you, it can improve your quality of life.

Of course, you’ll want to ensure the fireplace in your home is constructed and installed properly. After all, a poorly built and maintained fireplace can be a real safety hazard. Fireplace construction in Staten Island is serious business! This means you want a good fireplace contractor you can trust.

Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. The Home Improvement Contractors of Staten Island are your window to the best, most trusted contractors the region has to offer. Read on to learn more.

Essential Tips for Fireplace Safety

Having a fireplace in your home is a real treat. As any fireplace contractor in Staten Island will tell you, they add a wonderful atmosphere to any home – but as they’ll also tell you, it’s important to be sure that you are always using your fireplace in a safe manner. Here are some things to keep in mind at all times:

  •  Keep Debris Away From The Fireplace– Don’t get complacent. Paper, light plastics, wrapping paper, and other flammable debris must be kept well away from your fireplace at all times. The reasons for this are obvious!

  • Use Screens Whenever Possible –Glass doors or a wire mesh screens help prevent ash and sparks from getting into the room and starting something none of us want: a house fire.

  • Pay Attention When You Change Fuel Type– If you are changing the kind of wood you use or you are converting your wood burning fireplace to a gas fireplace, be sure to call a professional. Alterations to your fireplace require alterations to the chimney exhaust.

  • Schedule Routine Maintenance– No matter what type of fireplace is in your home or business, they all require annual maintenance and inspection to ensure they operate safely all season long.

  • Don’t Use “Green” Wood – Use nothing but well-seasoned hardwood, preferably wood that has been split for at least six months to a year. The reason is that fresh, green wood creates more creosote than well-seasoned wood, and that can cause a potentially flammable buildup inside your chimney requiring more frequent cleanings.

How To Choose a Great Fireplace Contractor

When hiring a Staten Island fireplace contractor, you want to be sure you’re making the right choice and hiring the best crew for the job. After all, a fireplace installation is about more than aesthetics. The safety of you and your family is on the line, too. To zero in on the best, take heed of this advice:

  • Ask Friends with Fireplaces– Recommendations can be a powerful tool in finding a reputable contractor. If you have friends or family with a relatively new house, ask who did their fireplace. And even if the house is older, ask them who maintains the fireplace for them. Their recommendations could be valuable!

  • Call and Ask Questions– When you’ve identified someone you might be interested in hiring, don’t be afraid to call and ask them questions. Good contractors know an educated client is a desirable client.

  • See Their Work– If possible, ask for referrals. That won’t always be possible, but short of that, detailed photos of past projects should give you a good idea of what your Staten Island fireplace construction contractor can do.

  • Check for Licenses and Insurance– a qualified fireplace contractor in Staten Island should be licensed by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs and have a General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance policy.  These qualifications are designed to protect property owners from faulty work and jobsite incidents.

Constructing, installing and maintaining a fireplace is a specific set of skills best left to a contractor with experience with fireplaces, so don’t leave it to chance. Finding the right person for the job is essential to your quality of life.

How to Ensure Your Fireplace Has a Long Life

Once your chosen Staten Island fireplace contractor has created your little slice of heaven, all that’s left to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the crackle of the warm fire, right? Almost, but not quite. A fireplace takes some regular care and maintenance. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy. Your contractor can point you in the right direction if you need to hire someone to do any of this, too:

  • Check That Your Chimney Cap Functions – When properly installed, a chimney cap keeps out rain, snow, birds and pests.

  • Have it Inspected– A thorough annual or every other year inspection to check for hidden problems, including waste buildup, bad airflow, corrosion, and more, can help give you peace of mind and prevent major problems in the future.

  • Have It Cleaned– There is no escaping it: ensuring your chimney is professionally cleaned is a key part of it not just functioning well, but of it functioning safely. A good chimney cleaning can help you avoid a house fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Don’t Burn Christmas Trees – Just don’t do it! Old Christmas trees throw out loads of sparks and generate tons of creosote. That creosote builds up, and if not cleaned regularly, it can turn into a fire hazard.

The Bottom Line on Fireplaces

Having a gorgeous fireplace in your home is just a phone call away, now that you’ve found the Home Improvement Contractors of Staten Island. Our membership is made up of the most trusted, talented contractors in the region – so when you hire a fireplace contractor from Staten Island, you’ll know you have someone you can trust!