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From interiors to exteriors, sometimes your home or place of business needs a fresh coat of paint – literally. After all, painting is one of the fastest, most affordable, and most effective ways to breathe new life into your workplace or home.

Painting can be a hassle, though, and doing it rightis an even bigger hassle. Doing it yourself is a huge effort and chances are a professional can do it better. That’s why your best option is to hire a Staten Island painting contractor to handle the job. Read on to find out how to hire the very best.

Good Reasons to Find a Painting Contractor

For many, the reasons to hire a professional painting contractor on Staten Island are obvious: they possess skills developed over the course of many years and are capable of providing complex jobs you’re not willing to do. Don’t be fooled into thinking painting your home or office is easy. To do it correctly, you need experience. Here are some good reasons to hire a professional:

·      It will be done correctly– Brushing some paint on the walls is one thing. Doing it correctlyso the paint job will last and all the fine details are in order is something else entirely.

·      Save Yourself Time– Your time has value; as they say, time is money. When you hire a Staten Island painter to take care of your home or business, you save yourself the most valuable thing of all: your time.

·      They Have Experience– Any home or office improvement project can seem easy at first, until you run into a problem – and problems are inevitable. Do the project on your own and these problems can be huge. That’s why experience can be so important. A professional painter has seen it all and knows how to address problems when they happen.

·      Fresh Ideas– Speaking of having seen it all, often a Staten Island painting contractor can bring fresh new ideas that can improve upon what you had in mind.

So now you have some good reasons to hire a painter. Now the trick is figuring out how to hire a painter you can trust. Read on to find out how.

How to Hire A Staten Island Painter You Can Trust

When it comes time to hire a painting contractor in Staten Island, one of the first things you’ll realize is that there are a lotof painters out there. There will be more than you can count – from small one-man companies to large-scale services with dozens of employees, and as everyone knows, not all contractors are the same. You’re going to want to hire someone you can trust.

 How can you know you’ve found the Staten Island painter best suited for the job? Start by heeding this advice:

·      Focus On Recommendations– Ask work colleagues, family and friends for recommendations. People you know and trust will point you in the right direction much better than some anonymous people online.

·      Check Online Review Sites– Reviews do have some value and can help you gauge what people are saying. Reviews are not without fault, but they can help you take the temperature of public opinion.

·      Talk With The Painter– Now is the big step: make a phone call and talk to the contractor. Ask them about their work methods, how the project will impact your home or office while the work is happening, the kinds of jobs they do, and anything else that will give you a clearer picture of whether or not this is the right painting contractor for you.

·      Get Your Agreement In Writing– Last but not least, get your work agreement in writing. Make sure it spells out both your obligations in detail, from retainers to job completion dates and more. It’s important for you both to be on the same page!

With this advice in mind, you’ll be well on your way to breathing new life into your home or place of business.

Common Problems when re-painting a home or office.

Painting a home or office, whether an interior paint job or an exterior repainting, looks easy enough on the surface. Just load your roller with paint and get to work, right? But in truth, there is a lot that can go wrong if the work isn’t done correctly. Here are some common problems that hiring a painting contractor in Staten Island can help you avoid:

·      Blistering– This looks like it sounds – blisters – and results from the paint not properly adhering to the surface it’s being applied to. Amateurs often run into this problem due to inadequate preparation.

·      Sticking– This is when two painted surfaces pressed together, such as a door and a door jamb, stick a bit due to the paint.

·      Cracking and Flaking– Aging paint can crack and flake, and once the process begins, it will continue to spread.

·      Drywall Framing– This is when a paint job makes drywall seams and areas where it was repaired become distinct and obvious. It’s an ugly look!

·      Caulk Failure– This is when caulk begins to crack, fracture, and/or pull away from surfaces. This not only damages a paint job, it can cause your home to be less energy efficient.

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The hunt for a painting contractor can seem like a hassle, but it doesn’t need to be. With the help of the Home Improvement Contractors of Staten Island, you’ll be able to find the most reputable, experienced and trustworthy painters the region has to offer – and that’s great for your peace of mind.