Staten Island Power Washing

Get Quality Pressure Washing Services

From making your aging backyard deck look like new again to cleaning the brick face or siding on your home, sometimes you need to call in the experts. If you need power washing in Staten Island, you’ve come to the right place.

Review our tips below, learn how to save yourself time and aggravation, and connect with the best Staten Island pressure washing experts in the region. You’ll be glad you did.

When It’s Time To Hire A Pressure Washer Professional

A little elbow grease goes a long way, but when it comes to cleaning, there are some problems only a power washer can solve. Here are just a few of them:

Staining / Mildew On Exterior Walls– Common problems, especially in spring and autumn, are mildew, mold, and stains on the exterior walls of your home.  Sometimes this requires a professional cleaning, as sometimes these surfaces need to be treated with special solvents.

Aging Decking– Even the best kept deck will start showing its age after a few years.  With proper routine maintenance by a Staten Island pressure washer, you deck can have that new look and feel with just a little TLC.

Discolored Stonework & Hardscaping– All the work, time, and money you put into the gorgeous stonework and hardscaping for your home or place of business will have gone to waste if you don’t keep it looking great. Routine maintenance of your pavers, stone or brick can keep the exterior of your home looking like new.

Bring Outdoor Furniture Back to Life– Many types of outdoor furniture can benefit from a pressure washer treatment in the spring, or in the autumn before it goes back into storage.

Power washing is a service best provided by a professional to ensure that the force of the water doesn’t damage surfaces or that chemicals that may be used do not ruin them.

How To Choose the Best Staten Island Power Washing Contractor

There are a lot of Staten Island power washing contractors out there, so be sure you choose the right one.

Thankfully, you found the Home Improvement Contractors of Staten Island. Our licensed and insured contractors on Staten Island can provide you with any type of home remodeling and home improvement service you need.  Follow these simple guidelines to hire a professional you trust:

Read Reviews– It all starts with doing your homework and doing a little research. Check for reviews. Read them objectively, both the good and bad, then ask friends and family for recommendations.

Have A Conversation– Hiring the right contractor starts with a conversation, so give them a call and have a quick chat about their services. You’ll know quickly whether or not they are right for you.

Ask Questions– You’re the one doing the hiring here, so ask the questions you need to so you fully understand what is being offered. Ask about the process, how well it works, how long it will last, what chemicals (if any) are used, and so on. You want to make an informed decision!

Meet On Site– The last step before signing a contract is to meet the person you want to hire. Get a sense for them, and let them get a sense for you. Most important of all, meet on site so they can take a look at the project and give you an accurate estimate. That will make the professional relationship with your contractor better.

No Verbal Agreements– Verbal assurances are fine, but before money changes hands, ensure everything you’ve discussed is in writing and you have a contract.

Staten Island contractors are some of the hardest working people on the planet, and by following this advice you can be sure you hire the perfect one for your job.

Why Should I Hire A Professional Staten Island Pressure Washer?

With home power washers being relatively affordable for DIY types, it might be natural to ask yourself why you’d want to hire a professional to do something you might be able to do yourself.

The truth is that there are many advantages to having a pro do the work for you. From equipment to technique and more, your money will be well spent. Here’s why it’s often best to go pro:

Safety First– In theory almost anyone can use a pressure washer, but in practice these are powerful machines with an intense spray that can do real damage if handled improperly – and not just property damage. A blast with a pressure washer can break skin, put out an eye, and more!

They Know Materials– Pressure washing is not a one-size-fits-all job. Different materials require a different approach, different equipment, and so on. Why risk ruining your siding by doing it on your own?

They Know Cleaning Chemicals– Improperly mixed cleaning agents blended in the wrong ratios, used improperly, or used on surfaces and materials they were not intended for can cause big damage to your property, the environment, and maybe even to you and your pets and loved ones. Let a pro handle it!

You’ll Save Some Money– It may seem counterintuitive that hiring someone to do a job could save you money, but how often are you actually going to use that power washer? Probably not often enough to justify the cost.

The truth is, this is one of those areas where DIY is not always the best option. If you need power washing in Staten Island, hiring a pro is your best bet.


Now that you’ve found the Home Improvement Contractors of Staten Island, your hunt for the best power washing contractor in Staten Island is over. With a call or two, along with the advice provided above, you will be ready to bring new life to your home or business by getting in contact with the best contractors Staten Island has to offer.

And that’s peace of mind you can believe in.