Security Systems in Staten Island

Professional Security Installation

Businesses owners want their property to be secure. Homeowners want to ensure their families are safe. And all of us want to feel safer and more secure. That’s why there are security systems in Staten Island businesses and homes: because taking that one simple step can help ensure we have a little more peace of mind in our day-to-day life.

If you are looking for a Staten Island alarm company, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve found the Home Improvement Contractors of Staten Island, a doorway to the most talented, trustworthy contractors the region has to offer. Below you’ll find tips on how to find a great contractor to install a Staten Island security system, advice on how to make your business or home more secure, and more.

Common Security System Features

Technology has introduced new and exciting features for security systems, from the basic to the high tech. With most systems the basic features still remain the same. They include:

·      Alarms– This is an obvious one. An alarm is any loud, audible signal designed to scare away intruders and warn people nearby that there has been a property breach.

·      Silent Alarms– Not all security systems in Staten Island support this feature, but for those that do, a silent alarm sends an automatic message to law enforcement letting them know there is a problem.

·      Lights– A basic feature both homeowners and business owners alike have, some security systems will automatically turn on strategically placed lights if a motion sensor is activated. This serves to deter criminals, scare them away, and alert you and neighbors that there is a problem.

·      Cameras– More common than ever thanks to the technology being more affordable than ever, security cameras are no longer just simple cameras. They can do many things, including stream the feed right to your phone.

·      Text Alerts– Once novel, the ability to have text alerts sent to you if your alarm trips is now commonplace.

These are just a few of the common features you’ll find in today’s security systems. There are many others, depending on your specific needs. To find out more, you’ll want to talk to a Staten Island alarm company. Read on to find out how to hire the best.

Finding a Great Alarm Company in Staten Island

If you’re looking for security systems in Staten Island, you’ll want them installed by someone you can trust. This applies to business owners, landlords, and homeowners alike. With so many options out there, how do you choose the best? Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way:

·      Ask People You Trust– Friends, neighbors, family, fellow business owners. Ask around, because among the people you know some of them are certain to have security systems at their home or business. Ask if they like the system, if the installer did a good job, and if they recommend you use them. Recommendations are the best way to find contractors you can trust.

·      Check Online Reviews – Online reviews aren’t always the most reliable source in the world, but they can at least give you a broad picture of what people are saying. If you see a contractor with mostly good reviews, chances are that that means people have had a positive experience with them.

·      Make A Call– There is nothing like a good old fashioned phone call. If you see some promising contractors who install and/or manage security systems in Staten Island, give them a call. A conversation can answer a lot of your questions.

·      Ask Questions – Speaking of questions, ask them. Tell the alarm company you’re calling about your property and about your needs. Ask them about what kind of services they offer and the abilities of the systems they install. The more informed you are, the happier you’ll be with the finished product

·      Get Everything in Writing– Finally, before any money changes hands, make sure the full scope of your agreement is spelled out in writing. No reputable security company will do it any other way!

Easy Home & Business Security Tips

A good security system in Staten Island can give you peace of mind. For added peace of mind, with or without a security system, remember these tips:

·      Have Good Lighting– In many ways, the first and best deterrent against common criminals is good lighting. Placed in the right spots, this will steer all but the most determined criminals away.

·      Keep Shrubs Trimmed– You may not think your landscaping can help with security, but it can. Homes and businesses with thick bushes in front of their windows provide great cover for criminals.

·      Check Windows– It’s easy to accidentally leave a window unlocked after opening it on a nice day. Windows are the easiest way for criminals to get it, too. A locked window deters lazy criminals. Make them work for it.

·      Don’t Hide Spare Keys– Everyoneknows the old trick of hiding a spare key somewhere outside – which means criminals know it, too. They’ll look. Don’t give them anything to find.

Feel Safer Today

Feeling safer and having more confidence that your property is secure is just a phone call away. Follow the tips above to find an alarm company in Staten Island to suit your needs, and sleep well at night!