Many homeowners in Staten Island have unfinished basements. But you are losing out on potential resale value and living space by doing so. There are many benefits to transforming your basement into a finished space, perfect for entertaining, a home office, or additional utility space. Below, we will discuss the necessary steps of finishing your basement.

An Inspection is Essential

A professional inspection is vital to making the most of your basement before your renovations begin. A licensed home inspector can help identify moisture problems, structural deficits, termite issues, and other potential issues. These issues should be addressed before you begin renovations. Inspections help identify potential flood entry points or other areas where repairs may be necessary before you refinish the basement.

A Note on Basement Flooding

Because Staten Island is mostly a wetland, flooding is common for many residents. While finishing a basement is definitely a feasible project for homeowners, you should consider taking extra steps in your renovation to shore up your defenses when it comes to flooding. As mentioned above, an inspector can help identify entry points for water. It is important to take these repairs into account when budgeting for your renovations. If your basement floods during heavy storms, you may want to consider additional upgrades such as french drains or a sump pump. While they will add to the cost of your renovation, they will help prevent or reduce flooding in the newly renovated spaces.

Basement Projects and Building Codes

Many homeowners look at basement renovations to add another bathroom, kitchenette, or bedroom. It is important to look for local business ordinances and codes to ensure your basement can accommodate these improvements. For example, in New York City legal bedrooms have to meet certain requirements. These include a minimum size of 80 square feet, a minimum of width of 8 feet in any direction, minimum ceiling height of 8 feet, and a window of at least 12 square feet in size.
Bathrooms and kitchen add-ons will also require certain electrical and plumbing requirements. Knowing the requirements will help you set expectations and figure out what professionals you will need to hire.

Hire a Licensed Contractor for Your Basement Renovation

Hiring licensed professionals for your home improvement projects is vital to ensuring the quality of your renovation. From contractors to electricians and plumbers, you should hire a trusted professional to get the job done. Licensed contractors will also have the necessary insurance and worker protections that help protect you as the homeowner.

Set Expectations for Your Renovation

It is important to go into the renovation process with an idea of what you want to get out of your basement remodel. Understand that a licensed contractor will help you determine if your expectations are feasible for your budget. For example, you may want to include another bedroom in your remodel, but the addition may require creating a window well, or lowering the floor. These additional requirements may push these projects out of budget. A professional contractor can help you determine the best course of action to fit your budget and renovation needs.

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