Fire can rip through a building very quickly. Damage from smoke and flame can catastrophically damage your commercial property in minutes. To reduce the damage that fires can cause to your property, it is essential to practice these fire prevention precautions. Below, we will discuss some important aspects in preventing fires and preventing their spread.

Regular Electrical Maintenance

One of the easiest ways to prevent an electrical fire is to ensure that your electrical systems are in good working order. Regular maintenance of your electrical system is key. If there is any issue with faulty equipment or wiring, prompt repairs will prevent fire hazards. Regular professional inspections for electrical safety are also a good way to ensure the integrity of your system.

Invest in Fire Suppression and Detection Systems

Fire suppression or detection systems should be tested by a professional at least once a year to ensure they work properly. Sprinkler systems may require more frequent maintenance. Battery-powered smoke detectors should have regular dates set for replacements. Also be sure to check any extinguishers, as they should be replaced every 10 years.

Fire Doors

If your facility has fire doors, you should make sure that they work properly. These special doors should be able to self-close and latch to prevent the spread of flames. They should not be propped open. Generally, they can only work if they can properly shut.

Safety Plans for Employees

Preventing fires and reducing the risk of fire damage is vital for the safety of your property. But fires can still happen. In the event of an emergency, your employees and customers should be able to evacuate the building safely. With a solid plan, you can limit safety hazards during an emergency. All employees should be made aware of escape plans and nearby emergency exits. Employees should be trained to handle safety equipment such as an extinguisher. They should also be made aware of nearby fire pulls or other emergency systems. Exit signs should be properly installed and in good working order. Additionally, fire drills can help train employees to follow escape routes.

HIC and Preventing Fires

Fire safety can be improved through a variety of contracting professions. Electricians can help prevent electrical fires through regular maintenance. But they also are important for providing professional wiring of alarms and other emergency safety systems. Proper plumbing is required for sprinkler systems and other flame suppression equipment. HVAC Professionals can help with smoke exhaust fans in commercial kitchens. Overall, it is important to hire professional, licensed contractors that you can trust to make any improvements to your commercial property.
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