When renovating a smaller bathroom, or making a new addition to your home, it is important to understand what makes a small bathroom design successful. Below, we will discuss some common design principles that are sure to help make your smaller bathroom feel less cramped and more homey.

Deciding the Goals of the Renovation

Before delving into the design aspects, it is important to understand what you need out of the bathroom, itself. Are you planning to add a shower stall? Is this going to be a primary bathroom for your children? Are you considering aging in place here? Going in with solid goals in mind can inform what types of fixtures you need in the room.

Consider Space-Saving Fixtures in Your Smaller Bathroom

There are bathroom fixtures in every shape and size. Minimizing the impact a fixture has in the room can help make the room feel more spacious. Tankless toilets, shower stalls instead of tubs, and corner sinks are all good places to start.

Smaller Bathroom Tiles can Make a Big Difference

Larger floor tiles can make a room look smaller. Penny tiles and other smaller tile styles can make the space feel cozier overall.

Scaling Back Storage

Small bathrooms don’t always need a lot of storage options. Depending on the needs of the room, consider storing less in here. A shallow medicine cabinet or a bit of space under the sink may be all you need.

Minimalism is Your Friend

Streamlined, minimalist design can help keep your new bathroom from feeling too crowded. Generally, you should focus less on ornamentation and accent pieces. Rather, try to play with the open space.

Lighting a Smaller Bathroom

Bright lights can make a space feel bigger, but be sure not to make it too bright for your comfort. To add additional light, consider a mirror with backlighting, which will reduce it’s impact on the size of the space.

Considering Different Layouts

Different layouts can help make better use of a bathroom’s space. If you are renovating an existing bathroom, you are not locked into your existing layout. While it may be more costly to change the layout, it may be worth it.

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