Plumbers are an essential part of home upkeep and care. During the life of your home, you will likely need to call upon a plumber for a repair. Some renovations to the home may also require a plumber to complete the job properly. Below, we will discuss some aspects of a plumber’s job and how they help homeowners.

What is a Plumber Needed For?

Generally, plumbers handle installing and maintaining pipes and fixtures that require water. Plumbers may work on sinks, showers, tubs, french drains, dishwashers, boilers, and more. They may also work with pipes meant for natural gas. During installation or repair of water heaters, this can be important. Additionally, plumbers can be useful in interpreting building plans and blueprints, especially for pipe layouts and systems. While uncommon on Staten Island, plumbers may also provide services for septic tanks. Not every plumber will offer septic tank services, as this often requires additional equipment.

Leaks, Clogs, and Pipe Bursts

One of the most common reasons to call for a plumber is for leaks, clogs, and burst pipes. These most often occur in the bathroom or kitchen. Some plumbers offer emergency services for quick dispatch to administer fixes.
Leaks will often require the replacement of pipes and/or their connectors. Leaks are often quick fixes for sinks and toilets. But they can be much more costly if the leaks are within the walls themselves.
Clogs occur most commonly in drainage systems: showers, tubs, sinks, etc. A pipe becomes clogged with material, and it needs to be cleared. This may be accomplished by snaking the drain or using a chemical agent to eat away at the debris.
When a pipe bursts, fast action is needed. Turn off the water valve if possible to prevent further damage. A burst pipe can cause extreme water damage if not treated swiftly. As such, you should call a plumber as soon as possible.

Types of Plumbers

Different plumbing services will focus on aspects of the profession. There are 5 main types of plumbing services. Some companies will offer more than one. They are Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Service & Repair, and Construction. As this article is tailored toward homeowners, we will leave out Industrial and Commercial.

Residential Plumber

These service homes and apartments. Most residential plumbers will offer services that are tailored to repair and installation. They are your go-to plumbers when you are renovating parts of your home, or replacing a water heater.

Service & Repair

For emergency fixes and repairing faulty fixtures, these plumbers generally offer quick turnarounds for small projects. Service plumbers will often offer 24/7 services for more immediate concerns.

Construction Plumber

When building a home from the ground up or gutting a fixer-upper, a plumber that focuses on construction is the way to go. They are usually hired by your general contractor. These plumbers will focus more on installing pipes and water fixtures. They will work with contractors to ensure designs fit blueprints and building plans.

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